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Details, details Food and more

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I mentioned in an earlier post how wedding photography is changing. It used to be all about the bride, then the groom found an more important spot as well but no wedding album is complete without details. Food is one of those items that becoming more important during the wedding day.

Usually every couple has a lunch or diner (or both) planned during their wedding day. A lot is spend on table setting, on color and styling of the food. So instead of just eating it, it now becomes a major part of the photography as well.

It is not just about the food but also an excellent way to show the mood of the day and as vendors try their best to present it in an appealing, inviting way, photography can do it even more justice when it is capture in this fashion. Makes you want to take a bite when you see the pictures.

In my [photo]DNA

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With our home slowly getting back to normal I was clearing out my desk. One of my first photo albums lay on it. Before I put it back in it's usual place I opened it. Then I came across a photo that really says it all. Proof that we were caught by a camera at a very young age. My sister and I checking my fathers camera. So you see it is in my DNA. I think we must have been four and six at the time but I am not sure.

But I also realised something else and that is how proud I was (and still am) of this album. This has been my album, which I received from my grandmother. This is a reflection of my youth, memories that will never fade eventhough the photographs might have lost some color. The album has seen it best time but it is still here after all these years.

Reason to own photo albums. To give your childeren their own album. To collect al the drawings they make, photograph it and put it in a book. Years later it will still make you happy.

Home Improvement: Knock on wood

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I am lying on the floor and look at our big room. Two month ago it all started with the floor and now it is here. A different one than before and so beautiful. Real wood. Now I can finally see that the floor looks so great with the kitchen. That what was so long in my head now comes to life in real life. 

I love it when a plan comes together!

La Dolce Vita

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The summer has been mediterean so far, high temperatures and lots of sunshine. Everything is growing like grazy and when I look around me it feels like I am in the South of France somewhere or in an Itialian garden. Beautiful flowers everywhere. The best thing of it is that I do not have to drive one kilometer. I do not have to move one inch to be in this place. When I sit down in the shade and sip a cool glas of wine I can only sigh. Ah life is good, life is sweet. La Dolce Vita is right here!


Book Review: Fast Track Photographer

Finally the new and revised version of Fast Track Photographer from Dane Sanders is available. Dane has become an industry leader and a much sought after Wedding photographer that has a weekly show on which is a very informative half hour show for everyone who is interested in the business side of photography.

Fast Track Photographer contains great insight on the photography industry and with the use pDNA test to show you can determine where you stand as a photographer whether amateur or professional. It also gives the story of Dane Sanders and his journey into photography. If you ever toyed with the idea of being part of the photography industry or are a photographer this is must read material. It helps you decide if you want to be freelance or signature brand photographer and describes the pro's and cons of both.

But what I like best is that Dane has the ability to talk to you via this book as if he is talking to you in person. Like he does on every week. Like you have your private mentor who is trying to help you by having you take a closer look in the mirror and assess what you see. Who is looking back at you in that mirror and help you be the person you were intended to be.

It is a fascinating read and I really recommend it. However if you are looking for photography how to's on how to shoot a perfect image this is not the book, as Dane states in the beginning, so you are warned early on.

Family: Dewi, Denny & Lisa

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There is nothing better than watching the photographs from a session. To see the result up close on my laptop. It is like receiving a gift, a special present that I get to see first. This family session felt like a nice treat.

We have been so lucky again with the weather and little Lisa has been such a joy so sweet. She knows two words which are car and cow so every car, bicycle, plane was car and every animal was cow. She pointed at every moving thing in sight. Here my selection of this nice afternoon we spend in the Amsterdamse Bos.

Home Improvement: If you can't stand the heat...

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Here an update on our home improvement project. We can cook again. Yes it was quite an undertaking but yes we can cook. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong when they installed the kitchen, but yes we can cook. A lot of things need to be delivered but yes we can cook.

So I am a happy lady. As soon as the floor has been installed we can finally put the furniture back, I can not wait. Then still a lot of things have to be done but being able to seat on my couch again is priceless.

Details, details the groom

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Only a couple of years ago all the attention in wedding photography was on the bride. The big reveal from the stairs had to be one of the shots in the wedding album. This trend in bridal photography has changed dramatically as now the whole preparation is a big part of wedding photography and the wedding album. It is the beginning of the story and I think should be captured whether the photographer is there for a couple of hours or for the whole day.

Usually the groom would literally be in the picture when he would come to get his bride to take her to the courthouse or church. Now again a shift is visible, as the preparation of the groom is becoming more important. What to photograph? The shoes, the suit, adjusting the tye, tying a shoe lace or adjusting the cufflinks. As a fan of details I like this shift in wedding photography because it brings more balance in an album but it also gives the bride insight in how he her husband to be, is preparing for this big day. A moment they experience separate from one another but now can actually share.

Family Preview: Denny, Dewi & Lisa

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She just turned 1 year and can almost walk this little girl is simply adorable and yesterday I had the privilege to do a family shoot with little Lisa and her mom Dewi and pap Denny. We went to the Amsterdamse Bos which is not far from their house and had a walk around. We even saw Scottish Oxen that walk about freely in the forrest. As Dewi and Denny hardly have photographs of them together we took some time to shoot a mini engagement session.

I love how they turned out. Here the first preview.

Encore: Laag Soeren

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When I was shooting Sandra this weekend I was asked to photograph Jacqueline (the farmers wive) with her horse. I was very willing to oblige because she had been so very hospitable to us all day. So we got the big guy out and persuaded him with a juicy apple to look nice in the shots. At first he did not want to stay within the frame of my camera but when Jacqueline looked at him nicely he became the perfect horse and I could capture them together. And they look pretty perfect!

So after I was done Jacqueline asked me if I could shoot one more image but this time of her and her son. Off course! So we went back to the hay stack and well one shot turned into a mini sessie.

A very big thanks to Jacqueline, her husband Jan and their son Niels for having us on Saturday and allowing us to shoot around the farm and enabling me to get all those great shots.