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Album Company

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I am trying out album companies to see which fit me best. I have created an album with Profoto Net. The work with a limited number of sizes and looks (linnen, leather, cover photo) further they have their own album design software Design Pro which is very user friendly. Unfortunately it is not possible to deliver an album design other than via this software. The number of features it a little less than e.g. Photojunction.

Within 5 days the album was in my mailbox and I am very happy with the quality of the photographs. The paper is nice and thick, the look glossy, the color is nice and saturated. So very happy with the result.

Studio Light vs Ambient Light a Challenge

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A couple of weeks ago I shared my thoughts on studio light. I concluded that studio light is not better or worse than available light just different. I could have left it at that, keep on working with available light and forget about whatever other light is there but I like a challenge. Because there are a lot of situation imaginable that does not have enough light to stil make a acceptable image let along a great image.

So here is my challenge: Use studio light with the ambient light but make certain you can not see that studio light is used.

And that is what I did. I used one softbox (60x90) and a 300W strobe. My aperture was set to F2.8 and my shutter speed set to 1/125 sec. All in manual mode off course. Fortunately my sweet Ronald was willing to be my usual suspect and appeared as my model (always a good reason to get him in front of the camera). So what is your opinion? Did I succeed my challenge? Leave your thoughts.

Family: Susy, Erik, Anna & Max

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Here is  the complete selection of last weeks family shoot. As I projected it was quite a task to select the images for this blog post. I think I could have selected double the mount of images and still have good ones left. I hardly had to do any color corrections which is the best way. Get the images straight out of the camera. Well have fun with this selection.

Be honest these kids are naturals! They had so much fun running around the back yard, jumping up and down and bubble blowing. These days are the best.

The Story is in the Details

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I look at the white clouds that pass along my window. The trees have leafs on them, the garden is in bloom and the warmth is tickling my skin. My eyes adjust to the bright light and look around me. The newspaper that is waiting to be read. Email that undoubtley needs my attention. I see the roses that are in bloom and look so pretty. We are in the middle of the story of 2010. With photography I do not have this film of life but a single image I capture every single time. The power of a single photograph should have enough impact to tell a story in just one single frame.

I love to capture details, the dress, shoes, accessories, flowers. It is the foundation of every wedding story. As a photographer it is a special experience to be part of it without being in it. Especially with the bride. To capture in the best way possible all the choice she has made these past months to look ther prettiest on her special day.

I see a lot of weddings that do not start at the beginning and that is okay. But just like with every story, a wedding day has a beginning, a middle and an end. If I can recommend anything I would say start your day at the beginning, start with the details. The big ones and the small and let it tell the complete picture.

Getting serious: Admiron Photography


I have been looking at business cards for a while now. One of the easiest ways to hand out information about myself is via a business cards. Further I wanted to find DVD sleeves to package it properly when I deliver the DVD to my clients. The road in finding the right printing company was long because I could not find a company within the Netherlands that printed DVD sleeve. By accident I came across Artega. They not only produce DVD sleeves and business card for a very reasonable price but they have great customer service. I delivered my design but after printing the business cards they informed me that the header text was to light and asked me to deliver an adjusted design so they could print it again free of charge!

So I was looking at the mailbox this week and when they were finally delivered I was really happy with the result. My very own business cards and DVD sleeves. Don't you just want to get one of those!