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8:00 PM somewhere


After a rained out Sunday afternoon in which we were scheduled to play some golf everything got postponed to today. Fortunately the sun is out early. The golf course here in Crystal River is big and challenging but we are amazed at the number of players out on the course. A flight starts every 6 minutes so more times that not you have a new flight right on your tail before you reach the green. I have never experienced this type of play and I must say I am more of the layed back and relax type of player. Walk from tee to green in stead of using a bugging racing along the golf course.

It took us 4,5 hours to reach the 18th green and that is with a cart! Being out for 4,5 hours got us quite hungry so we had dinner at Clawdaddy's. A great diner and lounge were we had some fried foods, ribs and two glasses of wine. Now being here for more than a week with little hinder of jetlag I looked at the clock. The laptop is still on Netherlands time and at 8:00 PM Florida the time in Holland is now 02:00 am. And suddenly I feel so tired. Being out all day with a lot of wind in my hair and two glasses of wine just seem to much. Or maybe I am slowly going back to NL time.

Well tomorrow is the last day we play. The weather forecast is good so we hope for a beautiful and quiet course.

Where are the Manatees

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After some heavy showers last night we just went for a walk out of Plantation Inn. This old mansion has some real Southern Charm as well as a lot off Alvin the chipmunks around. As the weather became better we went for a drive.

A lot of people in Crystel River talk about the Manatees these big mammals also known as sea cows come to Crystal River when the water in the sea has become to cold and the spent there time at the warmer canals and waters here. There are Manatees tours and possibilities to swim with Manatees if they want to come out.

Eventhough the nice people at the Plantation Inn tolds us we could find them anywhere near here we did not see any.

So today we had lunch at Crackers a big restaurant with an outdoor terras and view of the lake. After our lunch we went for a walk to on the board walk and we passed a sign that explained about the Manatees about there natural environment and where the stay.

We walked to the end of the board walk on the lake. Ronald looked out on the lake and said out loud: 'So were are these Manatees then?' and just at that moment, I kid you not, we heard a whuzz sound and something came up out of the water. A Manatee, like it was saying to us; 'Well I am here.' This huge brown gentle animal swam to the board walk in search of plants. It swam round and ate some plants and showed it head out of the water a couple of times.

I tried to take some nice photographs and if you look closely you will see the Crystal River Manatee.

I was there (Photoshop World Orlando!)

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Well I was not at Photoshop World the three day event but only at the Expo that is open to the public today and tomorrow. As a three day drive up and done to Crystel River did not seem like a good idea (which I thought correctly) we went round today to visit Orlando and check the big outlet centres. On the way back we went to Photoshop World.

The Convention Centre Area is very big so it took a while before we finally found the right venue. I was surprised at how small the sign was to inform us we had arrived at Photoshop World. All classes were on break and the expo was in full swing. The size of the expo was about the same size at Imaging 2010 I went to a couple of weeks ago and I had expected it to be bigger.

We saw David Ziser give a presentation on lighting an wedding photography. Moose Peterson was out to talk about Photoshop. Adobe had a surprisingly small booth as had OnOne software. Kelby Training and Kelby books were out in full force (biggest booths on the expo) and at the Elinchrom stand Ronald my husband saw Scott Kelby give a presentation. So we got the change to hear the last 20 minutes of his presentation.

Well after seeing him at the Imaging 2010 event in Netherlands I had to take some photographs to prove not only Scott Kelby was here but me as well!

Take me to the ballgame!

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On this very sunny and warm day we drove from Crystal River to Tampa. Not only for some shopping but for a spring training game of the New York Yankees. In Tampa they have their own home stadium at George M Steinbrenner field. We bought tickets online about a month ago and could collect them at 5:00 pm. Well we thought we were early but arriving at the stadium there was allready a large crowd out in full NY attire. We took our seats and waited while the sun went down.

It became a rather breezy evening but we brought jackets and sweater while we saw people in shorts and shirts. The first 3 innings went by in a flash but then finally Alex Rodriguez put some fire in the game as he hit a run in the fourth inning and put his team mate in scoring position. In the sixth the NY scored two more points and we left the game as we had to drive back to Tampa. The game ended 3-1 NY and we had a great night. Our first ever live baseball game.

Here comes the sun!

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Yes it is true I woke up this morning and the sky was still a little overcast. The wind was up but he we just we are going to get this sun to come out. So we packed up our slippers, our sunblock and off we went to the Crystal River beach also known as Fort Island beach. On the pictures we saw we though it was a big beach with a coffee stand. In reality it was not as big and there was no coffee stand but hey the sun was out and we had sand between our toes so the world is great.

We were out at 10:00 am so there were not a lot of people around which gave me a change to shoot some nice pictures. We still had our sweaters on because do not let the sun fool you it was still a little chilly but the nature out here is beautiful and peacefull and I am all about peace at any moment in time. So we just had the most relaxing day with sun. More to come hopefully tomorrow.

I can't stand the rain!

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We left Amsterdam with a lot of rain on Saturday with the strong belief that after 2hrs of delay, 10 hrs of flying time to Orlando, 3 hrs to get through customs collecting luggage and getting the rental car and then two more hours of driving to Crystal River we would finally see some sun. Well as everybody was saying Saturday had been a great day Sunday was... take a guess... right, filled with rain. We have flew across the ocean and it was like we never left only with a small jetlag.

So today it would be all about golf and just when we were ready to cross the road to the golf course... take a guess... right, it rained and it was windy. Just imagine that I almost left our rain gear at home. So thankfull that at the last minute I decided to take that extra sweater and the rain gear because we needed it today!

Well after the turn we finally, finally, yes we finally got some sunshine. It was still very chilly but we got some sun. The forecast for tomorrow is better (mostly sunny) so I hope it will indeed be better. So just to prove to you all how we left home and arrived here are some pictures.

Shout out!

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The other day I came across such a fabulous blog that I had to give a shout out via my blog in order to share this information. I am a fan of Adobe products and have the entire CS4 suite. I came across the coffeetea blog where Rita is sharing a lot of great tips, actions and other freebies for Photoshop and Elements.

I have already downloaded a number of actions and really like them. She provides a nice instruction with the download and has the actions available for Photoshop and Elements. Like I have said a couple of time before you have got to love the Internet when you can go online and find someone who is super nice and wants to share.

So go and check it out this great blog

Spring is in the air

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Finally, finally, finally the first rays of sunshine have made it through the clouds, the birds are tjilping their hearts out and even the first crocus appear. After a long, a very long winter we are finally shaking of the cold and we are just a few days away before it officially becomes spring.

With that in mind it is a very small step to be in the summer. I took a couple of pictures last summer in my garden of the bees collecting the nectar for the honey and I really love to watch these photographs because through it I remember that beautiful warm day in summer.

That is what photographs do be a reflection of that one second in time.

Mike Larson revisited

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While posting the interview of Mike Larson on Askdane yesterday I realised I have not shared the pictures of the workshop of last year. As these are really worth while I am putting them up for you see.

As it was middle of November we were very lucky with the weather that day and even saw some sun in the afternoon when we went out to get a live shoot.

The model was freezing but a very professional as it did not show on any of the photographs. Mike was a real pro. It was really fascinating to see how he transformed when he took his camera and began shooting photographs. He is a good presenter and tells his story with ease. His passion for photography however really showed when he took the camera and started shooting. And that was visible showed when he selected (with great speed) the photographs he liked best of the photo shoot and showed these to the group.

I've included a number of photographs of Mike with the Sunbounce which he demonstrated in the workshop.


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Nowhere days the Wedding & Portrait Photographers of America are the new rock and roll heroes, celebrities. They seem to live the glamorous life and fly across the world to the most exotic places where they photograph high end weddings or give workshops to large groups of newbie photographers. I think it is every photographers dream to have that kind of success to be able to register people and it is fascinating to see how these photographers work.

I told a couple of times before that I have been to a Mike Larson workshop and I was amazed about the way he mastered the craft and art of photography but also his display of wisdom. Today I saw a video on (also a very gifted photographer) who was interviewing Mike Larson at WPPI in Las Vegas. Well I just have to post it on my blog today to share it will you.