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Team pursuit

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It did not go as planned in the team pursuit on Friday. When it rains it usually poars. While accelarating in one of the bends it seemed that Jan Blokhuijsen could not follow and Sven Kramer waited to help him, this was not necessary as Jan only lost the connection for a very short period and could get back to the other fairly easy. In the meanwhile the Americans skated the race of their lives and grabbed a place in the final. 

Our final so it seems last night when in a direct dual with Norway our team raced easily to an Olympic Record and took hold of the bronze. The men were very disappointed when in the final the Canadian team were 2 seconds slower in the golden race. Sport like life is often ruthless and unjust and that is all I can say about it.

Here the men when they receive their bronze medal.

Alpine Queen Nicolien


It was one of those days with a laugh and a tear. Joy and disappointment, because everybody expected that the women and men team would win a spot in de final. Or let me talk about myself I had hoped that at least the men would get into the final. If not only to rid of that bad after taste of this week events and that everyone would think back on these Olympics with a feeling of joy. But even though everybody was hoping and praying it was not meant to be. The women were defeated by the German team and the men could not eliminate the American team. They now have a change to win the bronze medal but that was not the medal they came for.

But than a miracle happened on Cypres Mountain. Nicolien Sauerbreij was a favorite to win a medal because she is first in the worldcup on the womens parallel slalom snowboarden, but at that moment she still had to do it. The best part is that she kept on believing in herself. After two rather disappointing Olympic Games she kept on believing and training with this goal in mind and now she is there in first place. I admire her conviction, believe in her own strenght and then you see what is possible. The 100th gold medal won by Dutch athleths in the Olympics and the first gold medal in an Alpine discipline for the Netherlands.


Inspiration Herb Ritts

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The only way to grow is to learn and to learn we can learn from ourselves but we can learn more from others. This is so true for photography. The work of others can be an example, an inspiration, food for thought and a way to learn. As a photographer I look at the work of other photographers for inspiration.

A photographer that I truly admire for his work is Herb Ritts. The majority of his work is in black and white. I had a lot of postcards with his photography without knowing they were shot by Herb Ritts.

This man was so much more than a photographer, which seems to come with the trade. He was born in 1952 and started in the 70's with commercial photography but also did a lot of editorials and portraits. But he was also known for his fine art photography which has subject of many exhibitions. He became a well-known fashion photographer.

He has published in all the major fashion magazine for the likes of Vogue, Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone and he has created many major advertising campaign for companies like Calvin Klein, Chanel, Donna Karen, Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani and many more. He has directed music videos and well known for photographs of celebrities. His photography tells a very strong story.

Herb Ritts passed away in 2002 but his work lives on. To show some of his really powerful photography look at the following set, all copyright of Herb Ritts.

I have a self made drawing of the picture below of Naomi Campell. Still one of my favorite photographs. I saw this beautifull black and white fotograph one day of a black woman with black boots on. I decided to make a drawing of that picture. I framed the result and hung it on my first floor landing where it still on the wall after all this years. I think that I came to know that it was a photograph of Naomi Campell. I will also include my drawing on the blog.

These Boots are Made for Walking

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Before this winter I did not own winter boots. If could walk on high heel shoes all year round because the last real winter was more than 10 years ago. There was no need for them. But when this winter came round there was no other option but to go out and buy me some boots. I tried on about ten pairs and even more went through my hands but none were what I was looking for. Ronald bought a pair of snow shoes in the first store he entered and I became grumpy, convinced I would not find the right boot for me.

After walking around the city for an hour Ronald asked me if I wanted to go into this one store. Under protest I agreed mumbling I would not find anything. I looked around without confiction it was not to be today and then I rounded the corner and there they were waiting for me. Just my size. I tried them on and they were to big and my heart sank. They looked so good. The sales lady came to the rescue and with a small in lay sole the problem was solved.

I walked around on my boots through all the snow, icy streets and wet pavements. All the 31 days of snow and not one time did they fail me.

There was a little sunshine piercing through the clouds today and looking from the inside out I realised that walking on my boots this winter is coming to and end. I can not wait for Spring but when I see my boots waiting there for me at the door a become a little melancholic.

Thank you boots



Rain and Tears

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What to post on a day like this? Everybody is sad today myself included. I intended a happy post, was sure about it. A guaranteed gold medal, one "we" could not lose and then the worst thing happened. The unimaginable scenario, the nightmare for every coach. The wrong instruction and our number one speed skater did not swith lanes properly!

He had the fastest race, an Olympic record but all in fain because he was disqualified. All gone, gold medal gone, four years of hard work gone and then nothing. I could not comprehend, lost some sleep over it. The only question is why? But there is no answer. A whole country in mourning and no one understands. For the first time in two weeks it rained in Vancouver showing us that coincidence does not exist.

"Rain and tears are the same but in the sun you got to play the game" sang Demis Roussos, true words. How cliche but live goes on and tomorrow is another day. What picture to post I honestly had no idea and then I saw this on television. There is hope!

In the Dark

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As I told before I am part of a photo club and we meet about once every two months. We have assignments, share the result of our work and critique eachother to improve our skills. One of the assignments we have for our upcoming meeting is night photography. Something I have never tried before and is a skill in itself. I have researched the topic and watched material of two night photographers. Their tips and tricks were very valuable. Off course I have to use a tripod, off course I have to set my camera to a longer shutterspeed, I opened my aperture to its maximum opening, set my lens to manual focus, I used my remote and set my camera to the 2 second self timer and I set my camera to Manual mode (the mode I usually photograph in) so I can use my camera lightmeter for every shot. As it was quite cold I took a fully charged battery and the most useful tip was to have patients not only while the shot is taken but also after when you do not see the result on you LCD screen. A photograph with an exposure of e.g. 20" took about that same amount of time to complete after the shot was taken.

Here some samples of my work.

Golden Girl!

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After a dry spell last week we now have won the third golden medal. Again she was not one of the favorites even though she won a gold medal in Turijn 4 years ago on the 3000 meters. This Olympic Games did not start so well for Ireen Wust with disappointing results on the 3000 and 1000 meters. But yesterday she came back with a vengance. She showed them all the she was still a force to be reckoned with. Again I did not see it live because it was in the middle of the night but I was impressed by her race when I saw it in replay, her honest emotion when the national anthem played.

We now offically have our own golden girl Ireen Wust!

The Smell of Fresh Cut Grass

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When I look outside I see today is gray. The snow is almost gone but the sun is nowhere in sight. The air is damp and the trees are still leafless.

I sigh because I long for some warmth in the air, I long to go out there with my golf clubs on my back with my new shoes on crunching the fresh cut grass. Ah the smell of fresh cut grass.

I not only long for this because it would mean Spring has arrived but also because we would be on our way to Summer.

I have to be patient which is not one of my strongest points. To make the waiting a little bearable I look at these photographs made on our home course last year and count the days.

Master of the Mile

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It was to late to watch it live but the first thing I did this morning was swith on the television and check teletext. I could not believe what I read. The second gold medal was won by Mark Tuitert for the 1500 meter speedskating. The last time we won this medal was in 1972. Mark Tuitert has been an allround ice speedskater who turned to sprint and was not a favorite to win this race. Everybody thought it would be Shani Davis for certain. But he came in second and we have another master of the Mile!

Off course I had to take a picture from my television to show Mark at the flower ceremony.

Women Rule!

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The Olympics are well underway and as an iceskating country we focus mainly on the speedskating. After a magnificent start with a gold medal the well ran dry fast with a fourth, fifth and sixth place but no medals until last night or rather this morning.

They were not among the favorits, Annet Gerritsen and Laurine van Riessen, but these women showed what top sports is all about. Belief, determination, power and drive make things happen. And what beautiful things can happen! Annet and Laurine won the silver and brons medal on the 1000meter speedskating.

Their can be only one conclusion. These Dutch women rule!